Reimagining Logistics with AI

Mobius Logic’s advanced capabilities in AI can transform your company’s logistics operations. With innovative tools built using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, and ranging from patented drone routing technologies to capabilities in flight line management for sUAS as well as AI/ML technology to enhance predictive maintenance or inventory forecasting, improve supply chain management, and retain and achieve decision advantage over adversaries, Mobius Logic is the partner you need to tackle your organization’s logistics challenges while increasing efficiency and value.

Drone FMS:

Mobius Logic’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)—compliant, scalable, and AI-driven drone flight management platform, Drone FMS, available on Microsoft Azure, offers three core competencies: airspace access and flight planning; efficient, low-risk flight operations;and a complete system of record for all flight activities.  Drone FMS integrates with most ERP systems to streamline tracking of flight hours and the status of work orders and missions. It connects with national airspace notification services, including NOTAM and LAANC, and is available in multi-tenant and single-tenant installation options on Azure.

Drone Routing Beyond Line of Sight:

The use of autonomous drones can drastically improve logistics dynamics, especially in warehouse operations, but deploying automated drones carries significant risk.  Mobius Logic’s patented beyond line of sight sUAS drone routing algorithm, implemented on Microsoft Azure, calculates the safest path, allowing pilots to avoid potential dangers and ensuring operational efficiency. With over five years of experience with this patented drone routing technology, Mobius Logic can help your organization effectively deploy autonomous drones, bringing your logistics operations into the future.

Predictive Maintenance:

Mobius Logic uses complex AI to improve maintenance decision processes at the field, depot, and enterprise level by making sense of disparate data sources and predicting future maintenance needs. For example, using Microsoft Azure Cloud Technology, Mobius Logic’s experts can deploy AI for predictive maintenance where AI can emulate a subject matter expert determination of the health of the part, then inform the maintenance community on limitations and changes required. AI can even be used to develop maintenance troubleshooting paradigms, drastically enhancing organizational efficiency by providing predictability.

Demand Predictions:

Making accurate predictions about supply and demand is vital for successfully running your organization. Using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Mobius Logic uses algorithms to accurately predict future trends for goods and supplies, making sure organizations are ready to meet their customers’ needs.

MAKANA for Advanced Decision-Making:

Mobius Logic’s MAKANA is a cloud-based MLOps platform, built on Microsoft Azure, that makes it easy for data scientists and software application developers to implement DevOps for Machine Learning (ML) through comprehensive support for all phases of the ML life cycle.
MAKANA allows organizations to quickly realize the value of their ML models and retain that value over time, ensuring data scientists, business users and software development teams are collaborating effectively. As a SBIR-funded technology, MAKANA qualifies for sole source procurement.

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