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Identify surprises and issues early in the litigation process – while complying with your data custody protocols and procedures.
Whether you are a data expert witness, or a lawyer involved in a case requiring data analytics, Mobius Logic’s AI Team of experts works with you to create compliant, intuitive data tools, processes and procedures that abide by rulings on a case-by-case basis and expedite successful litigation.

  • AI expertise for accuracy and efficiency
  • Systematic literature review
  • Case file discovery processes
  • Data custody protocols and procedures

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Optimize your research, analysis, and patient care – safely, securely, and within full compliance of worldwide regulations – using the data already available to you.

Transform your capital expenses into operational benefits.

Mobius Logic’s AI Team works with you to minimize capital investments and use your operating costs to instrument your teams, departments, and subsidiaries with AI tools and solutions.

  • Reduce capital expenditures
  • Escape the downstream issues of lift and shift
  • Eliminate inefficient cloud use
  • Optimize infrastructure, platforms and user applications
  • Integrate, document, and train teams, departments, and subsidiaries
  • Ensure IT regulatory compliance within the cloud

Full Service Solutions

Mobius Logic advisors help you to create fully compliant data governance and internal policies and train your staff to operate efficiently within those polices.

  • Integrate your capital investments for efficiency, cost savings, and regulatory compliance
  • Ensure that all processes and documentation are complete, compliant, and in accordance with your regulatory authority
  • Train your teams to assure organizational regulatory commitments and leverage all data resources available to them

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Manufacturing and Software

Create powerful products and services that capitalize on the vast opportunities, potential, and efficiencies inherent within your ever-growing data.
Mobius Logic’s Team of AI experts develop systems and products from your data that feed and improve person-to-person, person-to-machine, and machine-to-machine interaction in real time – creating greater profitability and efficiency throughout your entire product operation.

  • Create profitability from currently sleeping data
  • Design, test, and launch new data applications
  • Open and expand into new and existing markets
  • Optimize efficiency within existing business operations
  • Ensure compliance within highly regulated industries

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Shorten processes, identify signals, distinguish wins and eliminate losses quickly and easily via the insights inherent in your data.
Whether you are a company focused on loan origination efficiencies, hedge fund projections, trading or anything in between, Mobius Logic makes AI products that create growth opportunities in both new and existing markets.

  • Create profitability with your data and tools
  • Ensure compliance within highly regulated industries
  • Test product and cloud launches against policies and controls
  • Optimize infrastructure, platforms and user applications
  • Reduce capital expenditures

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Enable holistic data analysis to plan responses, detect and deter threats, explore what if scenarios, protect the lives of families and troops, and create policies and infrastructure that benefit all.


  • Conversational AI Systems and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • AI-based decision-making, analysis, and human-machine interfaces
  • Agent Based Modeling (ABM) for human behavior analysis for pandemics, criminal violence, and collaboration on mission activities
  • Automated fusion and analysis of multi-domain, uncommonly formatted sensor data

Mobius Logic researchers and data science teams innovate in the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence and data fusion across several government research labs. The tools and platforms made available from Mobius Logic accelerate operational use of innovative approaches and enable quicker commercialization of cutting-edge research across the civilian and defense government agencies.

  • Mobius Logic is a US-owned and operated small business located in the Washington DC metro area
  • Mobius Logic has successfully completed several Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) projects through Phase I and Phase II and achieved commercialization status
  • Mobius Logic can handle Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) based on NIST 800-171 and capable of working on Cloud IL4 infrastructure
  • Mobius Logic has participated in several DOD challenges and been short-listed among the top companies for smart-grid analytics

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