Contracting Officers’ AI Assistant Tool

Mobius Logic introduces CLAWS, an AI tool to enhance and solve problems in the government acquisition process. 


Time Savings

  • Drastically reduce workload 
  • Streamline proposal review process 
  • Minimize chances of protest 
  • Accelerate onboarding 

Large Language Model (LLM) Assisted Solicitation Writing 

  • Distill findings from market research 
  • Search through and cite text to assist in the review process 
  • Accurately summarize subject matter experts’ specifications 

AI-Enabled Capabilities: 

  • Detection of protest-prone clauses in solicitations 
  • Wizard-like capabilities to help new users start their solicitations 
  • FAR clause suggestions to ensure full adherence to FAR, DFARs and all the FAR subs 
  • Proposal ranking 

Confidence. Intelligence. Results.

CLAWS uses large language models for its core functionalities, with the option to use offline models for enhanced control and security. CLAWS was made to assist in the contract and solicitation writing processes by identifying traits of successful or unsuccessful bids and flagging clauses prone to dispute. This product offers end-to-end assistance for acquisitions, from market research to contract award. It is already integrated into the Microsoft Office suite of apps and assists the user with a generative AI chat interface. CLAWS has been trained on Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) clauses, GAO published protests and SAM solicitations, and uses these data sources to recommend improvements and text to assist contracting officers and specialists. This framework for citing and suggesting relevant regulations could easily be adapted to other sets of guidelines or regulations. CLAWS is completed and approved for sole-source procurement by government agencies.