AFRL COVID-19 Response

Mobius Logic is helping combat the spread of COVID-19 by streamlining the steps involved in AI modeling.
By automating Machine Learning Ops (MLOps) we allow decision makers to assess the risk to current and future social distancing and re-opening measure and help identify the next disease spread hotspot.



By using Mobius Logic’s solutions, we are able to provide every analyst with simple and effective AI analytics so they can spend their time connecting the dots to solve complicated problems.


Dr. Juan Vasquez, ACT3 Product Development Director, Air Force Research Laboratory Airman Systems Directorate

Problems we are solving


Information overload is a major problem facing Air Force fusion analysts when working with Multi-INT and Publicly Available Information (PAI) data sources. This delays in-depth analysis and critical reports to Major Command.

Our solution capabilities


Our automated MLOps tools utilize microservices and containerization to facilitate rapid AI modeling and streamline the delivery of actionable insights to Air Force Command driven by big data.

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