About Us

No matter where you are in your development, Mobius Logic delivers the AI ideas, innovation, and expertise that enables your fast growing company to create profitable, compliant, cloud based, systems and products around your data.


Founded on the love of solving complex problems, Mobius Logic’s team delivers the AI expertise that create profitable, compliant, cloud-based systems and products around your data. Whether you want to identify patterns of behavior that impact pandemics, route your drones responsibly, eliminate loss in financial transactions or reduce violence in disadvantaged communities, Mobius Logic’s team provides the needed ideas, innovation, and expertise.


A provider of solutions and products across 5 key industries, Mobius Logic continually explores and expands its understanding of how data and AI can solve the most pressing problems and create the greatest opportunities in finance, life sciences, litigation, government, software and manufacturing, and in our day to day lives.


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Our Team

David Ackerman

Ph.D Physical Chemistry, Iowa State University – U.S.A

David‘s research expertise involves developing, implementing, and advising on innovative algorithms and methods for solving complex problems in fields including materials science, nanoscale dynamics, analytic chemistry, satellite operations, and plant sciences. He has a wide range of experience utilizing computational methods and high performance computing on some of the largest supercomputers to guide design of novel materials for advanced engineering applications.

Nathaniel Bade

 Ph.D Mathematics, Northeastern University

Nathaniel’s passion lies in spatial questions at the intersection of mathematics, statistics, and computer modeling. He has directed graduate programs in applied mathematics and operations research. He has advised on and implemented several agent-based models across a variety of use cases including conversational systems, pandemic management, and urban violence.

Erica Graff

 Ph.D.  Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University

Erica has a history of communicating technically challenging concepts to a wide range of audiences, ranging from students to experts. She has a passion for science communication and storytelling, which she exercises in her role as a Technical Writer/Researcher with Mobius Logic, Inc.

Rima Khalifeh

 M.Sc.  Industrial Relations, University of Montreal

Rima is a Human Resources professional with a comprehensive background in HR management, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), training, project organization and community engagement. Rima has had many proven successes in implementing and managing new internal initiatives and programs, in employee engagement and development, and in coordinating CSR initiatives in different industries that contribute to both organizational goals and community well-being. Rima’s passion is to combine people-focused practices with social responsibility.

Pierre Madani

MBA. ESCP Business School

Pierre has over 33 years of experience in the fields of banking, small business financing, financial guarantee and advising.

Workshop trainer in Beirut Based Business incubator, for startups covering topics of accounting, finance and managing cash flow for startups.

Former lecturer for senior undergraduates at American University of Beirut, covering topics of entrepreneurship, business plan and cash management for agribusinesses.

Christian Manasseh

Ph.D. Systems Engineering, University of California Berkeley

Christian is a technology leader across a variety of industries. He has extensive experience in software engineering, team leadership, business development, and technology product commercialization across consumer apps, healthcare services, financial services, manufacturing and non-profits. He is the first to use machine learning to quantify fraud in healthcare claims in 2007 and the first to use machine learning to create driver safety profiles from GPS traces in 2009. He is a principal investigator and advisor on several deep learning AI projects involving autonomous robot swarm technology, cognitive systems and smart pandemic management.

Jumana Madanat Misleh

J.D. Washington College of Law, American University

Jumana is a strategic manager with a superb track record of program management and relationship building in the government and private sector, having worked in this area for over 15 years. She is responsible for interfacing with government customers to ensure success of project goals as well as growing the government contracting portfolio. Prior to her work at Mobius Logic, Inc., Jumana practiced international trade law for seven years representing American manufacturers in antidumping and countervailing duties cases as well as advising technology, energy, and defense companies on export compliance. Jumana is a Member of the Bar in the state of California and the District of Columbia.

Alpesh Patel

 B.A. Engineer, Sardar Patel University

Alpesh is a Microsoft Certified Consultant. Alpesh has more than 23 years in leading technology strategy, solution development, technical architecture, and team building in the enterprise software industry.

Mercy Shitemi

 M.S.C. Information Systems Management, Duquesne University

Mercy is an IT consultant with more than 10 years of experience in cloud systems architecture and engineering with a focus on Microsoft Azure and M365 offerings. Mercy is responsible for cross-team project deliverables, initiatives and troubleshooting activities. Mercy is passionate about customer experience, process improvement, learning about new technology.

Christine Tang

 M.Eng. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Christine is an expert in enterprise IT and AI solutions. She has advised, implemented and delivered several machine learning models for financial services, inspections and intelligence systems.  She is an expert in text-based NLP systems, sensor and financial data.