Intelligent Directed Inspections Assistant (IDIA) using Makana

AI to preempt inspections and ensure readiness.


Build on Azure microservices, IDIA, is a human-supervised AI tool that leverages NLP and Neural Networks (NN) to monitor publicly available sourced data, to spot and alert the Inspectors General of potential “emerging” topics at the time of publication, allowing Inspectors General to make rapid and effective decisions regarding the scheduling and execution of Directed Inspections.

Our Solution

IDIA is built using MAKANA, our automated machine learning ops platform, to rapidly deploy across domains and preemptively detect topics for Directed Inspections or investigations. IDIA will support mission effectiveness by empowering Inspectors General to make proactive, data-driven decisions about necessary inspections, which will improve productivity, reduce costs and enhance the preparedness of our airmen. IDIA will help eliminate the need to rapidly re-organize existing inspection schedules, shift inspection priorities, and incur unplanned travel costs in order to address the “emerging” topic of importance.

Who We Are

Mobius Logic, a Gold Microsoft Partner, provides data teams with the ability to process massive amounts of data in the cloud and to empower AI with that data. This enables organizations to rapidly adopt machine learning and data science capabilities enterprise-wide. Mobius Logic’s world class team of PhD data scientists has been successfully building and implementing large-scale, mission-critical software and AI solutions for government, healthcare and financial services industries since 2004 using Microsoft technology. The MAKANA platform, on which this solution is built, has been awarded two SBIR Phase 1 and Phase 2 contracts with the Air Force and has been deployed across several commercial clients.

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