Press Release

Press Release

Mobius Logic brings drone flight management to Microsoft Azure

Drone FMS provides safe, efficient drone operations on Azure.


Mobius Logic, Inc. a leader in next-generation digital services, announced today that its Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)—compliant, scalable, and artificial intelligence (AI)—driven drone flight management platform, Drone FMS, is now available on Microsoft Azure.

Drone FMS from Mobius Logic addresses the top challenges facing drone program directors: staying current on drone flight regulations and remaining compliant with corporate procedures. Drone FMS enables drone program directors to reduce their risk exposure and control the costs of their operations by providing an enterprise system that ensures compliance with all laws; abides by corporate health, safety, and environmental (HSE) guidelines; audits all flight activities; and provides a collaborative flight planning and flight mission analysis capability to enhance productivity.

“Using Drone FMS from Mobius Logic, we were able to streamline our drone operations, reduce the complexity of managing our airspace, and remain compliant with regulations. We’re now able to approve flights using our mobile phones, manage the flight schedule, and keep on top of any flight incident that might occur,” said Scott Shackleton, Assistant Dean of Capital Programs and Facilities at the University of California, Berkeley.

Drone FMS offers three core competencies: airspace access and flight planning; efficient, low-risk flight operations; and a complete system of record for all flight activities.

“Drone FMS was designed to enable businesses that fly drones to have ease of mind and not worry about complying with evolving regulations and complex corporate procedures,” said Christian Manasseh, CEO of Mobius Logic. “By implementing Drone FMS, we enable businesses to really benefit from the productivity gains of using drones in their operations without being exposed to the risks. Microsoft Azure helps us offer this value in a secure, scalable, and reliable cloud platform, so our users can benefit in a cost-effective way.”

Drone FMS integrates with most enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to streamline tracking of flight hours and the status of work orders and missions. It connects with national airspace notification services, including NOTAM and LAANC, and is available in multitenant and single-tenant installation options on Azure. By leveraging AI, Drone FMS creates safety profiles for pilots and missions, enhancing the overall safety of corporate drone flights.

“Using our artificial intelligence solutions and the security and scalability of Microsoft Azure, Mobius Logic is making rapid product advancements in the airspace and drone flight management sector. The tools they are creating are helping businesses scale up their drone operations and become more competitive,” said Steve Walters, General Manager of Federal Civilian Business at Microsoft Corp.

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