Distance Factor

New Questions for Continuity

  • How do you predict workforce reduction in a pandemic?

  • How does a team - proactively - assess the need for quarantine?

  • How will you deliver the required output - to ensure ongoing operations if a high percentage of your team members choose to stay home?

These are only a few the new questions for workplace safety, predictability, and profitability.

Now, and for the foreseeable future, everyone needs new signals to ensure safety and productivity - at home, in school, in the office, on the road, and across a wide range of facilities.

The Needed Insight

Designed with your entire organization in mind, Distance Factor provides the new information needed to keep your team safe and productive - and your business successful - without sharing any personal information.

Distance Factor:

  • Assess team - wide health risks

  • Proactively address potential business disruptions

  • Ensure employee data privacy


When you think about your work, you think about your team - And your team needs to be on site.

With the rise in cases of infectious disease, we all want to work together - without creating a threat.

With Distance Factor, you have the new tools and insight needed to care for your employees, enable continuity of your business, and ensure privacy of your employee’s data.

Care and Continuity

  • Company-wide platform for health information

  • Contact tracing and isolation to ensure business continuity

  • Employee anonymity through aggregation

Insights for Safety and Predictability

Distance Factor provides individual and aggregated health insights for crew members and management that enable proactive containment of health risks within an office and facility - no matter the size.

By combining publicly available health data regarding Covid-19 infection rates, GPS, survey, and connectivity data - Distance Factor provides an aggregate, objective, assessment of risk factors and safety of team members and their teams as a whole.

Via phone and tablet applications, Distance Factor prepares team members, at every level of an organization, with facility specific information that helps to manage and eliminate the likelihood of contagion on your sites.


Distance Factor provides team-wide insight about health risks and containment.

Aggregated by department, role, and business process, (configurable based on business operation), Distance Factor gives you dashboard visualization and drill downs of health and contagion risks at nearly every level.

Distance Factor lets you set thresholds to determine immediate measures, such as when an employee should stay home, as well as large scale operation decisions such as when to close a business process or department. Distance Factor's contact tracing provides full tracking in any instance of contagion as well as for employee check-in/check-out to a facility.

New Signals for Ensuring Success

  • Set safety and health thresholds

  • Team - wide access to health information

  • Executive/management dashboards of organizational health

  • Visible by department, role, business process

  • Configurable to your needed insights

  • App for phone and tablet

  • Comprehensive data security

  • Dashboard views for decision makers

  • Complete employee privacy