Drone Flight Management System

The Drone Flight Management System (FMS) addresses the top challenges facing drone program directors—staying current on drone flight regulations and remaining compliant to corporate procedures. FMS enables drone program directors to reduce their risk exposure and control their costs of operations by providing an enterprise system that ensures compliance with all laws, abides by corporate health, safety, and environmental (HSE) guidelines, audits all flight activities, and provides a collaborative flight planning and flight mission analysis capability to enhance productivity.

The Drone FMS offers three core competencies:

1) Airspace Access and Flight Planning,

2) Efficient Low-risk Flight Operations, and

3) a Complete System of Record for all flight activities. 

The Drone FMS integrates with most ERP systems to streamline flight hour tracking and work order/mission statuses. It connects with the national airspace notification services such as NOTAM (notice to airman) and LAANC and is available in a multi-tenant and single-tenant installation on Azure. Using artificial intelligence, the Drone FMS creates safety profiles for pilots and missions enhancing the overall safety of corporate drone flights.  

With FMS, companies can ensure safe, efficient drone operations. With our interactive airspace map, companies can review regulations and TFRs, plan flights, collaborate with crews, and gain access to fly in controlled airspace with LAANC (low altitude authorization and notification capability). FMS is a complete system of record where all your pilot certifications, flight hours, authorizations, aircraft, and projects are all located in one place. FMS provides transparency for managers and legal teams.

The Drone Flight Management System is built on Microsoft Azure and is compliant with industry standards for data security and privacy. The software is scalable to increasing business growth, and reliable by ensuring business continuity.

Customer Success Story

University of California Berkeley

  • More than 100 pilots​

  • 3 Flight Locations with one spanning 100 acres​

  • Different business and geographic authorities for flight request approvals​

  • Complicated internal processing: more restrictions than federal regulations​

  • Implemented Mobius Logic Drone Flight Management System in January 2019

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