MAKANA: A Machine Learning Platform for Automated AI

MAKANA is a MLOps platform that makes it easy for data scientists and developers to collaborate.

Data Science and AI are becoming an integral part of every industry, yet their integration into regular enterprise operations is still a challenge. According to Gartner 60% of AI models never get operationalized. MAKANA, from Mobius Logic, is a cloud-based MLOps platform that makes it easy for data scientists and software application developers to implement DevOps for Machine Learning (ML) through comprehensive support for all phases of the ML life cycle.

MAKANA enhances the data scientists' productivity by automating tedious and simple tasks and integrating their activities into the DevOps pipeline so they are ready to release the moment the ML model is validated.

Using MAKANA, enterprises and government agencies can now let AI drive value in every corner of their business by enabling collaboration between AI teams and business leaders, expanding business processes to include AI and data science teams, and automating workflows and share knowledge across various teams using the MAKANA Enterprise Portal.

Our customers use MAKANA for:

  • Streamlining and automating the end-to-end ML life cycle and tying it to existing DevOps processes 

  • Integrating Data Science and AI projects into the core enterprise operations by enabling easy access to validated ML models and faster retraining of current ML models 

  • Accelerating the building and rapid deployment of the best ML models 

  • Enabling productive collaboration between business leaders and the AI and Data Science teams 

  • Automating workflows and sharing knowledge across various teams using the MAKANA Enterprise Portal

Built on Microsoft Azure, MAKANA supports all phases of the ML model life-cycle with full support for popular, open-source Python packages such as scikit-learn, TensorFlow, PyTorch, and MXNet.

Defense Sector

Commanders and war fighters trust Fusion Analysts for the information that ensures security, pinpoints opportunities and threats, and protects military personnel and civilians everywhere. Fusion Analysts, however, must spend critical hours to find and assimilate various types of data from Multi-INT sources, and transform that data into valuable and actionable intelligence that could be used for threat aversion or targeting. The introduction of AI models in ISR analytics solves this problem by improving the accuracy and relevance of information analyzed by Fusion Analysts.

By using MAKANA microservices for NIPRNet, MAKANA can easily be deployed to SIPRNet and JWICS. Possessing a robust data aggregation engine, MAKANA assimilates and prepares data in minutes, allowing Fusion Analysts to access, analyze, and annotate classified and unclassified information easily within MAKANA’s user interface. MAKANA ensures scalability and interoperability across all domains.  MAKANA can be a critical tool in a Fusion Analyst’s technology arsenal, yielding important conclusions that catalyze decisive action on the battlefield and beyond.

Private Sector

Data scientist and analysts have relied on the secure, familiar, and fully compliant with U.S. and European government regulations, MAKANA Designer to:

  • build ML models faster,

  • automate the testing of several algorithms to deliver the best ML model,

  • and to jump from proof-of-concept to a live ML model. 

MAKANA simplifies the systematic exchange of ideas, data and functionality between clients, data scientists, IT teams, and application developers. MAKANA is easy to use and leverages all HIPPA-compliant microservices cloud resources.

MAKANA micro-service cloud resources and enable app development using: ​

  • Flask

  • R

  • .NET

  • Java

  • Python​

  • Django​

MAKANA has successfully delivered on the data science needs for various healthcare and financial tech services companies that follow strict regulatory protocols.

Be it in the Defense, Healthcare, or Financial Tech sector, by integrating the operations of data scientists, application developers, and business users, MAKANA allows your business to quickly realize the value of your ML models and retain that value over time, ensuring your teams are empowered for optimal and efficient decision-making.

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