MAKANA: A Machine Learning Platform for Automated AI

January 4, 2019

Mobius Logic introduces MAKANA, an open architecture machine learning platform, to solve the challenges surrounding data aggregation for machine learning and shorten the idea-to-product cycles for AI solutions. MAKANA is a PaaS offering that leverages the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio and Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. It enables software application developers and data scientist to seamlessly collaborate to produce high-powered intelligent applications for their business users. MAKANA breaks the barriers between data scientist, who aggregate and calibrate models, and application developers that are tasked to integrate the models into software applications. In doing so, MAKANA shortens the time it takes to take raw data and produce a working application that leverages the insights learned by models built using the raw data. MAKANA also shortens the time it takes existing intelligent software applications use updated models and new data. 


MAKANA's benefits span software application use cases in the financial services, healthcare services, IoT, robotics and manufacturing industries. Contact Us today to learn how we can best serve you.



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