Mary Meeker's 2016 Internet Trends Report

Mary Meeker at KPCB's 2016 #InternetTrends report got published earlier today. Here is a quick recap:

- Global Internet Users growth remains Flat at 3 Billion users

- India surpasses USA as the 2nd largest internet nation

- Global smartphone growth slower

- Android taking more market share out of iOS

- Trending down: Global GDP growth. global treasury yields, commodity prices, interest rates, population slowing down, lifespans increasing

- Trending Up: Global Debt; Nasdaq : Same Highs as 2000

- Internet ad spend increased in USA (G and FB taking the major share); Ad blocking is on the rise

- Shift in the values of the current generation (millennials); marketing and retail channels

- Internet sales as a % of retail stands at 10% (compared to 2% in 2000

- Shifts in retail space:- Products becoming brands becoming products; retailers becoming brands

- Fast growth in internet business due to availability of various channels (social, technology, data on user to do hyper personalized targeting)

- Gen Z is age 1 to 20 and can handle 5 screens at once ;+)

- Images, Videos, Social is the name of the game

- Rapid growth in messaging

- B2B2C messaging (Facebook Messenger and Instagram alongwith Line as a mode of eCommerce taking off)

- 3 is the Average number of apps accounting for 80% of App usage ; 5 hours is the hours spent per day in usa vs 4 hours globally; tops apps being Facebook, Chrome, Youtube in USA and Facebook, Whatsapp and Chrome globally)

- Voice search and Voice as a Platform on rise

- Car is a platform with Tesla

- Transportation reimagined with Uber

- China stumps USA with growth on all fronts; domestic players come ahead on ecommerce, payments, internet, messaging - you name it

- Data as a platform

- Cyber security for companies and data privacy for consumers are big concern

You can download the entire report at