Outsourcing Services

Application and infrastructure management can take a huge portion of any IT budget. Have you ever thought about outsourcing those functions to help slash operating costs? With Mobius Logic’s outsourcing solutions, you can rely on us to take responsibility for managing your applications and infrastructure under a service level-based agreement. Just imagine: You don’t have to find, hire or train support staff. You don’t need to worry about finding the resources to upgrade your solutions. And you’ll get the exact volume of service you need, whether it’s your entire application portfolio and IT infrastructure or just a portion of it. Mobius Logic’s outsourcing services also includes a range of cloud-based services in which you pay only for the hardware and platform services you use. As a result, you get the same environment you already have, but at a fraction of the cost. Representative services include:

  • Application outsourcing

  • Capacity services

  • Infrastructure Outsourcing