Application Lifecycle Management

Mobius Logic’s ALM services will help define your current capabilities in 9 areas covering 46 different development practices, from User Experience to Knowledge Transfer, and help you put in place a roadmap to improve the capabilities that matter most to you and your business whether it be leveraging the power of your offshore resources or reducing the overall cost of development. Mobius Logic will guide you through the initial ALM assessment and planning processes. Mobius Logic will then assist you in the implementation of the Visual Studio Team System in helping you achieve your goals through its integration approach and open extensibility. Mobius Logic will help you transition to the new ALM methodology while retaining control of your live-deliverables and milestones. Mobius Logic can help you perform a successful migration by bringing skills from all disciplines. Infrastructure architects to plan and implement a scalable development environment. Delivery management to implement process and procedure and Solution Development to help your people adapt to the benefits from the developers' perspective.