Quantify Customer Lifetime Value through Social Medial Analytics

Have you struggled to figure out if your social medial campaigns are paying out? You might know the cost of acquiring a lead through social media, but can you figure out the revenue generated from that lead over their lifetime as a customer?

Mobius Logic has been helping clients for the last 5 years in quantifying the lifetime value of their social media leads. Whether those leads are coming in from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or simply online ads, we have the big-data and systems-integration expertise to put it all together to produce your actionable insights.

Equipped with metrics such as cost of acquisition, lifetime value, engagement factor, true interaction, etc. your marketing department will have actionable insights on how to budget, operate and create social medial campaigns. Using the latest technologies in ETL, Data Warehousing, Machine Learning and Data Visualization, our consultants will help simplify and streamline the complexity and noise of social media data so that your marketing and consumer experts can operate efficiently.

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