Azure App Service

In a cloud first world, businesses need to deliver greater mobile and web experiences that engage with their customers than ever before. It is essential for improving the productivity of their employees. The apps should allow them to work from anywhere and with any device. Azure App service delivers all these solutions and much more.

Azure App service combines 3 Azure services (Web apps, Azure Mobile services, and BizTalk services) to provide one unified service. It allows developers to create enterprise-grade web and mobile app experiences. It enables you to deploy and elastically scale applications in the cloud and integrate them with your on-premises resources and SaaS based applications.

1. Microsoft supports different App types in Azure App Service as outlined below:

Web apps – Now, you can run your apps as you did before or can also add mobile + API support without having to pay more.

2. Mobile apps – Several new enhancements are available in addition to the capabilities previously supported using mobile services. These include build in Auto-Scale support, traffic manager support, virtual networking support, You can now run both the web and mobile apps using a single Azure App service hence saving money.

3. Logic apps – It is new to Azure and enables you to automate workflows and business processes. Creating the workflows is super easy and takes less than a minute. It runs within the same VM used for your web and mobile app services. The following built-in connectors are provided by Azure which can be used to automate Logic app workflows

4. API apps – These apps enable you to create and call API’s provided by other cloud providers. It allows simple access control and credential management that helps you to integrate API’s across a wide variety of platforms.

Microsoft has bundled the 3 Azure services together to offer cost savings and greater flexibility to developers.

The goal here is similar to that of Windows 10 platform: To develop an app once and deliver it across different platforms.

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