How to Leverage Microsoft Azure Platform?

With never-ending new trends in IT innovation, it has become tough for organizations to keep up with the new technologies. Keeping up to date with new advancements can help companies anticipate, manage and respond to challenges more quickly. By leveraging cloud platform, one can keep with all this without expanding one’s budget.

Cloud computing is the term used for delivery of hosted services over the Internet. It enables companies to use computing resources as a utility service – just like you use electricity or a cable connection – rather than having to set up and maintain computing infrastructure in-house. The main benefits of cloud computing include –

  1. Elasticity – Companies can scale their computing resources as per requirements

  2. Pay per use – Users pay only for the workload and the resources they use

  3. Flexibility – One can access the cloud services from anywhere, all that is required is a working internet connection

Microsoft Azure is one of the most widely used cloud platforms along with Amazon Web Services. Microsoft provides PaaS, IaaS services and supports Microsoft native as well as third party software. It offers simple, reliable data backup so that you don’t have to worry about losing your critical customer data. It also helps you boost customer experience by providing easily scalable websites and applications in the cloud. Microsoft leverages the Follow the Sun model of the global nature of business with multiple data centers around the world, which enables you to provide reliable and satisfying secure experience to your customers by deploying applications close to them.

The unique proposition of Microsoft (MS) is that they can provide you with one consistent platform to run your business. You can choose the platform you want – be it on-premises, deploying in MS Azure or outsourcing some modules to local hosting partner. SME’s face a tough task of shifting their IT services from on-premises to cloud. Azure helps you leverage their functionality by supplementing those services to help you sustain, grow and scale your business.

We now look at three key scenarios that can supplement the on-premises IT investments of SME’s by using MS Azure platform –

  1. Azure websites – Hosting of websites is not a new concept, and numerous players provide this service. What sets Azure apart from all of them is the advantage of hosting with a big-3 cloud vendor. You can scale the site as per your requirements. Hence, it allows you to benefit from a massive, global infrastructure and market your business to customers with excellent performance and no long-term capital investments.

  2. Deploy applications with VM’s – Any VM that you create in or upload to Azure are secured by a firewall. You have an option of implementing a simple machine with an OS or use VM’s with pre-installed applications like SQL Server, SharePoint, Oracle Database, You also have an option of migrating your applications and data to Azure by just opting for an affordable and flexible subscription model with MS Azure.

  3. Data backup in cloud – Every business should have a data backup. Though there are many solutions for this service, MS Azure distinguishes itself through its backup pricing mechanism.

When you look up at the blue sky, think of Azure and think of reaching out to us for a demo or help you set up in the cloud. MobiusLogic does cloud optimization, monitoring, analytics with Microsoft Azure.