Making sense of Facebook Page Like

With the advent of Social Media, marketing is no longer a one-way story-telling but have evolved into a 2-way dialogue between marketer and the consumer. More and more businesses are leveraging social media to promote their brands and products through increased customer engagement. According to HubSpot, 62% of marketers felt that social media was a critical part of their campaigns.

No social media platform has grown with the speed that Facebook (FB) has since its launch. With more than 1 billion users, it has already become the third largest country in the world when you compare it to the global population. Companies joined consumer bandwagon to create their Facebook brand pages and integrate it into their marketing campaign. With an increasing number of users spending a significant amount of time of the portal, businesses have gotten a new way to engage with Fans who Like their Facebook Page. FB enables them to reach their customers more cheaply through push marketing. It also helps them use the social feedback cycle for gaining more customers and drive traffic to their website.

FB provides high-level demographics information but misses out on social media analytics. FB can help organizations to generate leads. FB doesn’t pinpoint who are the influential people whom companies should engage with for growing their business. Nor does it tell you about the kind of posts which are generating more customer engagement. Unless and until you click each post to see which post works.

Even the standard benchmarking metrics are missing. Social2Lead , a MobiusLogic initiative aims to fill this void. Welcome to a new world of Facebook analytics – ‘Social2Lead’ a portal which lets you track, benchmark and optimize your FB page performance. Key features of the portal are -

  1. Competitor benchmarking

  • Benchmark the performance of your FB page against your competitors

  • Connect the dots and make the right decisions

  • See what works and what does not

  1. Exporting options

  • Use CSV and Microsoft BI export option to get the raw data for custom analysis

  • Convert followers to leads in CRM applications

  1. Key influencers

  • Get information on the primary influencers of your FB page

  • Build beneficial relationships that help promote your brand

  1. FB KPI’s

  • Identify posts which resonate most with your users

  • Track users who interact repeatedly with your brand

  • Identify your brand ambassadors

  • Content optimization for better FB marketing

  1. Sentiment analysis

  • Analyze positive, negative mentions of your product

We at Social2Lead are confident of the fact that our analysis will help your company utilize your marketing dollars more efficiently by generating more leads and insights for you. Social2Lead is a BetaVersion solution and we provide it as a service offering. Give it a swirl and let us know your feedback by emailing us at

Photo Credit: Facebook Like-Brownie; Author: andreasivarsson / photo on flickr; License: Attribution License