Cloud - What and Top Trends

Cloud - What and Trends

I was trying to think of an easy way to explain cloud for the past couple of days. And a lighting bolt struck me when I thought of our drinking water well in my ancestral home. Here you go, cloud described with the drinking water well analogy on a kitchen paper towel.

Drinking Water Well Evolution

Water Well and Cloud - Lot of similarities in terms of how we have evolved from taking fresh water from backyard now to turning on the tap. We have lowered our risk of not hitting ground water in our backyard by sharing the infrastructure costs associated with finding and distributing water to the last mile. In technology parlance, servers, applications, apps - everything is moving towards the cloud model as it gives YOU the ability to scale up or down, pay as you use and go model thus reducing the enormous risk of building YOUR own capital intensive data centers.

Drinking Water Well and Cloud Analogy

The year 2015 saw many enterprises choosing cloud as the go-to platform for their large applications.

Flexibility, scalability, and lower capital expenditures were considered as the major factors which enticed the organizations to go for cloud services rather than the traditional in-house data centers.

Main developments in the cloud space in 2016 are expected to be in the following domains –

1. All of Enterprise data is up for grabs – The race is on for all of the organization data. The concept of building an enterprise information in the cloud has started to take hold. Companies have begun to move their data warehouses in the cloud with an intent of creating an increasingly connected analytics view of their resources and customers.

2. Big companies start to embrace cloud – Gone are the days when the cloud was meant only for start-ups. The year 2016 may well be the tipping point for enterprises opting for cloud services. They have started transitioning their entire infrastructure onto the cloud. To give you an example - Whole Food Markets, a global food leader, has begun building a cloud-based platform for its merchandising and supply chain.

3. Mobile & Cloud Analytics increasingly become the same – IT managers will need to rely on analytics solution that is on-hand all the time for efficient resource utilization and prevention of budget overruns. Consider a case that you are at an all-stars NBA game and are curious to know how many people walk through the turnstiles. You may open an app which is directly streaming the attendance numbers from ticket scanners at entry points via high capacity cloud storage.

4. Moving data to the cloud becomes easy – This year may all be about simple methods for pushing the organization data onto the cloud platform. These will allow the business users to drop data into their preferred cloud databases without the complexity of data integration and staging.

5. Hybrid cloud strategies get easier – Technology products and services that cater to the hybrid cloud model will co-exist and bloom. Big cloud vendors have started building services supporting hybrid cloud deployments.

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