Can your smart phone predict your driving habit?

I recently came across an article titled "Curb your Enthusiasm" posted by Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer for Uber, which talks about how Uber is working on improving driver safety. Uber has launched a pilot program utilizing the Uber app and inbuilt GPS, Gyrometer, and Accelerometer to predict driver behavior.

At Mobius Logic, we built a system way back in 2013 to identify the driver’s safety profile using just the driver’s smartphone. We built a mobile app and platform in the backend to address issues such as

  • when the driver is in a car (vs. a bus or train)

  • Battery drainage from continuous use of GPS readings and modeling safety from just GPS traces


  • predict origin and destination based on past behavior

  • recommend based on map and traffic data

  • capture driving habits and help improve

Several machine learning algorithms were built to detect the mode of transportation, reduce battery consumption by predicting driver movement and augmenting that with GPS traces when needed, and detecting safe driving habits (lane changes, abrupt deceleration's, frequent accelerations, etc.) from GPS traces.

Insurance companies can track drivers using onboard systems, dongles that can predict driver behavior. We had built a Driver Safety Index, which would build a driver safety score. The intention was to empower and enable the good drivers and credit them with customized individual car insurance policy while penalizing the bad drivers.

Insurance companies, Car companies, Uber, Google, Apple, will vie to reach the consumer in the Connected Car. According to Business Insider, the Connected Car market is growing at 45% CAGR and estimate 88 million connected cars out of 220 Million connected cars globally by 2020 to connect some form of online service.

With a Connected Car Service, you and I don’t have to fumble and connect our mobile phones via Blue Tooth. Instead, one will

  • stream music

  • buy and sell stocks with voice automation

  • redeem deals based on your car’s location

  • see available tickets for a San Francisco Giants game while driving past a BillBoard on Bay Bridge

  • be able to access emergency medical service and much more.

Connected Cars will improve driver distraction and thus accident related deaths. At the same time, Consumers fear the issues of digital safety and data privacy as car companies, internet providers, social network, and mobile apps try to get a share of your mobile and car screens.

The Intelligent Transportation will impact many interconnected industries such as Auto, Emergency Healthcare, Insurance, Online Advertising, Public Transportation. Insurance companies, Car companies, Uber, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, will vie to reach the consumer in the Connected Car.

Where the Internet meets a Transportation Mode will unleash the next generation of innovation. And of course, to answer the question posed in the title, predicting your driver behavior has been done by us using a smartphone app and a cloud platform to do machine learning.

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P.S.: The image on the Banner is that elusive Uber ride in a Porsche or a Lamborghini.