Microsoft Office 365 versus Google Apps- Feature Set

In our previous post, we looked at a high level comparison of Office 365 and Google Apps. In this post, we look at the feature set comparison of Office 365 and Google Apps.

In small and medium businesses there is a tendency to use free tools and open source tools. Inherently this is a good start to get your small employee base connected. But there are legal and licensing challenges in addition to SLA's that one need to be aware of with free tools.

As soon as an employee posts their companies documents, data outside the companies firewall, with it goes the confidentiality and exposes your company to a great operational risk.

In larger companies, there is a tendency to use Office On Premise and a mix of free tools to collaborate.

Feature Set Comparison

Office 365 with it's ability to work offline and online, collaboration, sharing, messaging, conferencing - audio and video, file sharing, file storage, retrieval, version control makes it a great offering to reduce the operational risks undertaken by your employees to get their job done.


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~ Microsoft also offers Skype for business and consumer

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