Office 365

Most of us have used or encountered Microsoft Office suite at home or office via our desktops. Office 365 is the game changer for Microsoft as there is a fundamental shift towards cloud based services. End users – both at home and work want to access documents, photos, media, collaborate, share, annotate to cite a few areas of content consumption.

Google Apps which has a free version that home users use and the Google Enterprise Apps version that is targeted towards business users with limited success. Not to take any shine from a great company - Google Apps is popular among startups due to the penetration of Android on Mobile Phones and integration platforms such as Zapier. Here is a quick comparison on why Microsoft Office trumps Google Apps:

*Features – High level Features are given for a Mid-Size Business. Microsoft offers ala carte products as well as a combination of Products to choose, add such as Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business (aka Lync), Publisher, Access, One Note, Free Skype minutes, SkyDrive 20 GB storage either Free or as an add on at a nominal price.

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