You Want to Release the Power of Your Ideas

You have ideas that will benefit all of your clients -- especially those in highly regulated industries -- and you know that it is time to integrate AI.


Right now, you run multiple projects, maybe across multiple teams, to create and validate your ML models - a process that re-uses common elements that requires re-training and re-validation.


Unfortunately, your processes are slow and stress your competitive advantage.


If you could share your projects quickly and easily, you could deliver greater value to your clients, and potentially grow your market share considerably.


That’s Why We Created Warren

Warren is a fully Compliant Solution for Multi- Tenant Advanced Analytics in the Cloud


Warren simplifies the systematic exchange of ideas, data, and functionality between data scientists, IT, and application developers.


A Fully Compliant Solution for Multi-Tenant Analytics in the Cloud:




Within a cloud based platform, teams design, test, manage and deploy machine learning, and advanced analytics applications for highly regulated industries.

Support Numerous Regulated Clients

Warren supports numerous regulated clients in the cloud - enabling application development and delivery across multiple instances.


App Developers and Data Scientists can easily re-use and continually validate common elements across numerous projects.


• Reduce Re-work

•Eliminate Model Quality Drift

Create 1 Continual Dev Ops Pipeline

•Integrates Data Scientists, IT and App Developers into a single system for ideas, data, and development.

Simplify and Expedite App Development Using:


Flask,Django, R, Shiny Pro

•.NET and Java

Run On All Compliant Infrastructures:


• Azure

•Amazon Web Services

•All HIPAA compliant micro-services cloud infrastructures


Reduce the Time to Delivery for Data Scientists and App Developers

A single source for collaboration, Warren reduces the time between feature engineering, training, and validating data models for data scientists while automating model training (including hyper-parameter tuning) and selection.


Simplify IT Management

A scalable and reliable infrastructure, Warren makes it easy to expose multi-tenancy capabilities to your business user clients - while remaining compliant to regulations.

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