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August 31, 2016

Get affordable enterprise-grade protection, built-in and integrated across your business.

Businesses today face a constantly evolving set of potential threats, from data security breaches to downtime from unexpected events. Businesses are asking questions like:


June 1, 2016


Mary Meeker at KPCB's 2016 #InternetTrends report got published earlier today.  Here is a quick recap:


- Global Internet Users growth remains Flat at 3 Billion users

- India surpasses USA as the 2nd largest internet nation

- Global smartphone growth slower

- Android...

May 26, 2016


Azure is available in 140 countries, including China, and supports 10 languages and 24 currencies. Regions that have great coverage are USA, Canada, Western and North Europe, India, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Brazil. US Government dedicated Azure services (...

March 30, 2016


With never-ending new trends in IT innovation, it has become tough for organizations to keep up with the new technologies. Keeping up to date with new advancements can help companies anticipate, manage and respond to challenges more quickly. By leveraging cloud platfo...

March 16, 2016

Relationships are personal things, driven by mutual understanding and recognition. Gone are the days when the customer communication was based on trial and error. Nowadays, CRM and marketing strategies are driven by efficient collection and analysis of customer data fu...

February 25, 2016



Data Explosion


Data is cheap and ubiquitous. We are collecting new types of data at unprecedented rates from mobile devices, sensors, instruments, and transactions. IBM estimates that 90 percent of the data in the world today has been created in the past two years.


February 12, 2016


We are at the crossroads of a century where human interaction with technology is unprecedented. There is an overall fascination among businesses with predicting how the consumers will behave. There has been a gradual shift from “what you do” to “what you might do”. Ad...